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The 8th Nanak, Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji is the healer of all wounds & pain of Life. Guru Harkrishan Ji at a very young age of 5 years became the 8th Guru after Guru Har Rai Ji the 7th Guru. Guru Sahib continued to spread the message of Guru Nanak Sahib of one Almighty God and gave the Sikhs his valuable thoughts. During the year 1663 Guru Sahib was in Delhi when plague and smallpox spread across Delhi. He cured and healed many with his blessings but in the end, became a victim of smallpox himself.

Name of Guru Sat guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji, Sodhi Linage
Birthplace Kiratpur Sahib
Birthday 1713 Bikrami Sawan Vadi 10th (8 Sawan) Day Thursday, July 7th, 1656 CE, Punarvasu Nakshatra
Parents Mata Krishan Kaur Ji, Father Satguru Har Rai Ji, Nana Raja Ram Ji and Nani Sukhdeyi Ji
Spouse Unmarried
Gurgaddi Kartik Vadi 9 (5 Kartik), Bikrami Samvat 1718, (6th October, 1661) Kiratpur Sahib
Joti Jot 1721 Bikrami Chetar Sudi 14th (3rd Vaisakh), 30th March 1664 CE, Bank of Yamuna River Near Gurudwara Bala Sahib Asthan.
Children None
Total Age 7 years 8 months 23 days
Guruship Period 2 years 5 months 24 days
Throned King Aurangzeb

Biography of Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji

When Hari Krishan, the eighth Guru, came to the Throne, he was barely five years old. Rim Rai, his elder brother, saw in this a great opportunity to press his claim for Guruship before the Emperor, now his friend. He even installed himself as Guru at Dera Dun and appointed a few missionaries to propagate his cause. The Emperor too was interested to pass on, if he could, the Throne of Nanak to a loyal, spineless friend of his, like Ram Rai. So he called both parties to his presence in Delhi.

The Emperor put the young Guru’s intelligence to the test on several occasions, and he found him perfect and rejected the case of Ram Rai, more so because the Sikhs had felt greatly irritated at the Emperor’s meddling in their religious affairs so blatantly. Unfortunately for the Sikhs, however, the Guru got smallpox here and died at the age of eight, suggesting, as his end approached, that after him the Guru would be found at Bakala (referring thereby to his grand-uncle, Tegh Bahadur, who was leading a very pious and detached life there).

Biography in Details

The birth of Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji took place from the pious womb of Mata Kishan Kaur in the house of Shri Guru Har Rai Ji, on the 8th of the month of Sawan Samvat 1713, accordingly on 23rd July 1656 at Kiratpur, Punjab. You were the younger son of Guru Har Rai. His elder brother Ram Rai was 10 years older than him.

The childhood of Shri Harkrishan Ji was spent with great pampering. The family members and other close people used to see a supernatural aura on the innocent face of Bal Harkrishan Ji, the expressions of compassion were visible in his eyes. There was a lot of energy in the small personality. There was a kind of spiritual happiness in seeing him. When Guru Har Rai looked at this little son, it seemed to him that the Lord himself had entered this house in human form to fulfill some great purpose. Shri Harkrishan could see the complete reflection of God. He was extremely satisfied to have such a son in the form of Harkrishan.

Guru Har Rai Ji experienced a divine vision that the fame of infant Harkrishan would spread throughout the world in the future. Therefore, people will take the name of this child with respect and reverence. The future of the baby is bright. This was visible to them and their faith bore fruit. After attaining the position of Guru, Shri Harkrishan Ji got his name inscribed in golden letters in history.

Attainment of the throne

When Shri Guru Har Rai Ji was only 31 years and eight months old, he realized with divine consciousness that his time has come to leave the world. Therefore, he announced the appointment of Shri Harkrishan Ji as the next successor to the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Everyone was happy with this announcement. Shri Harkrishan Ji was only five years old at that time. Still, no one had any disagreement with the announcement of Guru Hari Rai.

The common people had full faith in the announcement of their Gurudev. They believed that the eighth guru in the form of Shri Harkrishan would only do the welfare of the Sikh community. But this announcement of Guru Har Rai Ji greatly annoyed his eldest son Ram Rai. Ram Rai Ji was expelled by Gurudev and he was residing in a new town at the foothills of the hilly region of Uttarakhand, later becoming famous as Dehradun. This place was gifted to him by Aurangzeb.

Even though Ram Rai was not happy with his father’s decision, he knew that Guru Nanak’s throne is not someone’s heritage, it is reserved for a worthy man and is selected very carefully.

Shri Guru Har Rai Ji got busy implementing his decision. He organized a huge ceremony, in which, according to the Sikh tradition, Harkrishan was duly enshrined on the Guru’s throne by applying tilak. After accomplishing his duties in Ashwin Shukla Paksha 10 Samvat 1718, Guru Har Rai Ji left his Five-Elemented Body in Kartik Samvat 1718.

Sikhs led by the little master

After Shri Guru Har Rai Ji’s ascension, all the programs were going on in Kiratpur under the leadership of Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahab Ji. The Diwan used to decorate, the accompaniment used to join and Kirtan was performed on Gurubani of the former gurus. Langar was run without discrimination as usual and the common people were getting satisfaction after seeing the child Guru Harkrishan.

Guru Harkrishan Ji may have been still a child from a worldly point of view but was full of spiritual strength or brilliance. So many sevadars were appointed to help him. Mata Kishankaur Ji was always ready to help him by staying with him.

Even though he was not playing an active role, the Sikh sect was placing a lot of hope on him in the future. There was such a majesty of his presence that everything was running smoothly. All the Sangat and devotees believed that one day Guru Harkrishan Ji would grow up to lead them successfully and under his guidance, the Sikh movement would progress on the path of progress day by day.

Cured a Leprosy Patient

The praise of Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji spread like the fire of the Jungle. From far and wide, Sangat started pouring in for the darshan of Bal Guru. The public began to get their wishes. Praise of his divine aura spread from village to village, city to city. Especially incurable patients would reach your court with great hope from far and wide. You never let anyone down.

One day a leprosy patient taught by some brahmins, laid in front of your palanquin, and prayed aloud at your feet that O Gurudev! Free me from leprosy. Gurudev Ji’s heart was filled with pity with his compassionate cry, he immediately gave him his handkerchief and uttered wherever there is leprosy, touch this handkerchief, you will be free from disease. So did happen.

Just what then? Outside your court, there used to be an influx of patients. After completion of court work, Guruji used to walk in open. It was a common belief that whoever Guru Harkrishan Ji’s eyes fell on, would be cured of any disease.

Emperor's invitation to Sri Guru Harkrishan

In Delhi, Ram Rai had spread a rumor that Sri Guru Harkrishan was still a small child, and he would not be able to take charge of the Guru Gaddi. But the news coming from Kiratpur Punjab was giving the opposite message of this illusion. Although Shri Harkrishan Ji was only five and a half years old, he showed his perfect wisdom and gave proper guidance to the Sangat.

As a result, the rumor of Ram Rai failed miserably and the glory of Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji kept on increasing. Tired of this, Ram Rai instigated Emperor Aurangzeb to see the miracles of his spiritual strength from Shri Harkrishan Ji. But the emperor was not particularly interested in this matter. He had previously seen many miracles from Ram Rai Ji which he had shown like a Madari.

But Ram Rai was not the kind of person to sit back calm? He wanted to show his nobility in comparison to his younger brother on some pretext or the other. As soon as he got the opportunity, one day Ram Rai again instigated the emperor Aurangzeb that my younger brother is the eighth heir to the throne of Guru Nanak Dev, it is natural that he should be capable of everything because he has received Guru Jyoti. Therefore, he can do whatever he wants, but he is still a child of a young age, so you should bring him to Delhi and do it in your own interest, which can benefit you in the matter of administration.

The emperor found this point very reasonable. He started thinking that the way Ram Rai has become my friend. If I become friends with Shri Harkrishan ji, then some impossible things can be possible which can be done later in the interest of administration because these gurus have a lot of recognition all over the country.

Now the question was how to get Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji to Delhi. This problem was also resolved that a Hindu should be sent with a respectable invitation, perhaps will do the magic. To implement this tactic, he ordered Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh that you are the servant of the Guru’s house. So bring Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji from Kiratpur to Delhi by delivering our invitation to him. Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh assured the emperor that he would do this work successfully. Raja Jai ​​Singh gave fifty horse riders to his trustworthy Dewan Parasram and asked him to request Sri Guru Harkrishan to come to Delhi at Kiratpur on my behalf and bring him with great respect in a palanquin with full security.

As Aurangzeb had invited Shri Guru Har Rai Ji to come to Delhi in 1660 AD, similarly in 1664 AD, for the second time Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji was sent an invitation. It was a time of examination for the Sikh community. Shri Guru Arjun Dev also went to Lahore during the reign of Jahangir and Shri Guru Harigovid Sahib also went to Gwalior. Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji discussed all the facts with his Sangat using the wisdom of Vivek.

Guru Ji was only 7 years old then. Mata Kishankaur Ji took the invitation to Delhi very seriously. He cautioned all the prominent servants that there should be no lapse in taking decisions. Gurudev placed a condition before Diwan Paras Ram that he would never meet Emperor Aurangzeb and no one would compel him to organize any seminar between them. The task which was entrusted to Parasram was only to take Gurudev to Delhi, so this condition was accepted.

Diwan Parasram consoled Mata Kishankaur and said – don’t you worry. I myself will be stationed for the complete protection of Gurudev. After that preparations started to go to Delhi. Whoever heard that Aurangzeb had invited Guru Shri Harkrishan to Delhi, became sad. Gurudev’s absence was helpless to everyone. A huge crowd gathered at the time of farewell. Gurudev blessed all the devotees with his grace and left for Delhi.

Gita Path by Chhajju Jhivar at Panjokhra Sahib

Delhi is located about two hundred miles away from Kiratpur. A large number of Sangat also accompanied Gurudev. Keeping this in mind, he camped at a place called Panjokhara near Ambala city and ordered the Sangat to return. When a Pandit Ji of Panjokhara village saw the grandeur of the camp, he asked the distinguished Sikhs who had come with them. In reply the Sikh told that Shri Guru Harkrishan Maharaj Ji is leaving for Delhi, his camp is there.

Pandit Ji got irritated by this and said that Krishna Ji has incarnated in Dwapar, he has composed the Gita. If this child calls himself Harkrishan, then we will agree if he explains the meaning of any one verse of the Bhagavad Gita. This satire reached Gurudev very soon. He invited Panditji and told him – Panditji, your doubts are baseless. Even if we have translated the meaning of the Gita according to your wish, your confusion will not be cleared because you will keep thinking that you are children of a big family, must have studied Sanskrit, etc. But I want to tell you the glory of Guru Nanak’s house. Therefore, if you bring any person who appears unworthy to you, we, being the successors of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, will get him to interpret the Gita according to your wish.

On accepting the challenge, curiosity arose in the whole region as to how Gurudev satisfied the Pandit. Then Pandit Krishnalal brought with him a Jhinvar (water-carrier) who was deaf and dumb. He started telling Gurudev Ji that he should show this person the meaning of the verses of the Gita. Gurudev showered his blessings on Jhiwar Chhajjuram and hit him on the head with a stick of his hand. Just what then?

Chhajjuram Jhinwar spoke and addressed Panditji and said – Pandit Krishna Lal Ji, you should recite the verses of the Gita. Pandit Krishna Lal Ji started looking around in amazement. He had to recite the verses of the Bhagavad Gita due to compulsion. As soon as Jhinvar Chhajju Ram heard the verse from the mouth of Pandit Ji, he started saying Pandit Ji, your pronunciation is impure, I will tell you the correct pronunciation of this verse and then I will also explain the meaning completely. Chhajjuram did this. Pandit Krishna Lal’s doubts were retired. He started bowing again and again at the feet of the Guru.

Then Gurudev Ji said to him – You have seen our physical age, due to which you have become confused, in fact, Brahmagyan has nothing to do with physical age. This stage can be attained by anyone at any age due to prior sanskaras.

You have taken the criterion of being a full-fledged man by taking the meanings of the verses of the Sanskrit language, while this ideology itself is wrong. To be a great person or to attain eternal knowledge is a matter above the attainment of language knowledge. The highest spiritual state in the spiritual world is attained by one who has done selfless work for the welfare of all beings or one who succeeds in every breath. In memory of this poignant incident, even today a grand Gurudwara is built in the form of Kirti Stambh of Shri Harkrishan Ji in Panjokhara village.

Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji came to Delhi

When Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji’s ride reached Delhi, Raja Jai ​​Singh himself received him and made him stay in his bungalow. where he was given a grand welcome. The area around the palace of Raja Jai ​​Singh was named Jai Singh Pura. In the heart of the queen of Jai Singh, there was a strong desire to see Gurudev Ji, but doubt born at the same time. A thought came to his mind that if Balguru is a complete guru, then sit on my lap. He had also invited many of her friends to carry out his examination. When Gurudev arrived at the palace, a large number of women were sitting there waiting for Gurudev Ji. Gurudev went on touching all the women with his rod saying that this too is not a queen, not even a queen, in the end, he found the queen and sat on her lap. After that said to him – you have taken our test, which was not the right thing.

When Aurangzeb got the information that the eighth Guru Shri Harkrishan had arrived at the bungalow of Delhi Raja Jai ​​Singh, he asked him to fix the time to meet him – but Shri Harkrishan Ji refused categorically and said – We have made this condition before coming to Delhi. Had kept that we would not meet Aurangzeb. So don’t bother to meet us. The emperor did not expect this answer. Hearing this blank answer, he was very disappointed and started pressuring him to celebrate Gurudev in some form or the other, so that a meeting could be possible.

Panic of the epidemic in Delhi

The mission of Sikh Gurus was not only confined to meeting the spiritual needs of the people, it had a far larger objective. The institution of Langar had been providing food to the needy irrespective of any distinction. But from the times of Guru Arjan Dev nursing, the sick had become a new addition in their services for the welfare of the people. The lepers found Guru Arjan their benefactor, who treated them kindly and built a colony (pingalwara) for their settlement. While coming back from his visit to Kashmir in 1618, Guru Har Gobind found the people of Lahore in the grip of the plague. The Guru nursed the sick and succeeded in arresting the intensity of the disease. In 1648, Punjab was engulfed by severe famine and the sickness associated with hunger. The tender-hearted Guru Har Rai set up Langars at various places. He liberally supplied medicines from his storehouse for the sick. His sustained and compassionate efforts bore fruit. Their hard time passed and the people were grateful to Guru Har Rai.

During the days of Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji’s arrival in Delhi, cholera disease was spreading there, an orgy dance of death was taking place in the city, and human dead bodies were visible from place to place. To avoid this terror, people immediately took shelter at the feet of Guru and requested that we should be freed from these diseases. Gurudev was born for the welfare of mankind. His tender heart was moved by the compassionate cries of the people. So he consoled everyone and said – Lord will do well. You all have faith in that Almighty and drink the water we have prepared by praying, everyone’s troubles will be removed. All the patients reverently took water from the lotus hands of Gurudev Ji, drank it knowing nectar, and became completely healthy. In this way, the patients started influencing the Guru’s court. Seeing this, a bowl was prepared near the residence of Gurudev Ji, in which water prepared by Gurudev Ji with devotion to God would be poured, which people would drink and take health benefits.

As the cholera outbreak ended, smallpox engulfed the children. This infectious disease took a terrible form. Mothers could not see their children dying before their eyes. The glory of Guru Ghar made all the residents of Delhi stand at the rate of Shri Harkrishan Ji, the successor of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This time there were people of every category and every sect of the city. People’s devotion brings color, everyone got full health benefits. Patients would start arriving at the Guru’s house in the early morning, the sevadars would distribute the Charanamrit among the patients with a sincere heart, it was natural that the faith in Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji increased in the hearts of the people. Thus the praise of Bal Guru started spreading all around and the public’s faith in him became even stronger.


Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji got many patients free from disease. You were the owner of a very gentle and generous heart. You could not see anyone unhappy, nor could you see anyone’s faith being broken. Innumerable patients became eligible for your grace and returned home after taking full health benefits.

When your brother Ram Rai heard all this, he said that Sri Guru Harkrishan was acting against the principles of the former Gurus. The former gurus did not interfere in the works of nature and did not give health benefits to all the patients. Even if he was kind to any devotee, he used to treat them by giving them medicine from his dispensary.

Once our grandfather Shri Gurdita Ji had revived the dead cow by self-force, then our father Ji signaled him to give up the body in return. Similarly, their grandfather’s younger brother Shri Atal Ji revived the dead Mohan after being bitten by a snake, then his father Shri Harigovid Ji asked him to sacrifice his life in return. A similar incident happened a few days back in the time of our father Shri Har Rai Ji, the body of a dead child was brought to his court, whose parents were crying with great compassion. Some people were kindly requesting to revive that dead body and were told that if this child becomes alive then the glory of the Guru’s house will increase a lot, but Father had put only one condition the one who grows the glory of the Guru’s house. If he wants to see, then that person should sacrifice his life so that the dead child can be given life in return. At that time the younger son of Bhai Bhagtu Ji, Jeevan Ji had sacrificed his life and he had left the body in solitude, in return for which that dead Brahmin son was given life.

But now Shri Harkrishan is using self-power without any thought. When this matter reached the ears of Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji, he took it very seriously. He himself took a sequential look at all the events in his mind and made up his mind to follow the principles of nature, under which he made up his mind to sacrifice his life while sacrificing his life on the sick.

Just what then? You suddenly appeared to be suffering from smallpox. Soon pimples started appearing all over your body and a high fever started. Due to a contagious disease, you were kept in a special camp outside the city, but the effect of the disease spread at a rapid pace. You were lying unconscious most of the time. When you became conscious, some prominent Sikhs talked to you with a desire to know your health, then you gave the message that we are going to leave this mortal body, then they asked you who will lead the Sikh Sangat after you? In response to this question, according to the tradition appointed by his successor, he ordered some material and after decorating that material on a plate, the servants took it to Gurudev. You took a plate in your hand and rotated it five times as if the aarti of a person was being performed and said that Baba settled in Bakale village- (Baba is in Bakale town). In this way, by giving a symbolic message, you got absorbed in the flame.

Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji has passed away. This news spread like wildfire in the whole city of Delhi and people started coming for the last darshan of the body of Gurudev Ji. When Emperor Aurangzeb got this news, he came to see the body of Gurudev Ji. When he started entering that tent, his head started trembling very badly, but he reached near the dead body by force, as soon as he lifted the sheet and ran to see the face of Gurudev Ji, he was stopped by some unseen force and he became terrified. Formed and frightened. At that very moment, the emperor returned crying. Your funeral pyre was decorated on the banks of river Yamuna and the funeral procession of your mortal body was completed while giving your last farewell. You were absorbed in Jyotijot at a very young age. Hence this place was named Baal Ji. Your age was 7 years 8 months at the time of your death. The date of leaving your body was April 16, 1664, accordingly 3 Vaishakh Samvat 1721.

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