Masya Dates 2023 | Amavasya in Sikh-Hindu Calendar

Amavasya - अमावस्या - Massya Dates in CE 2023 Accordingly Hindu Bikrami Samvat 2079-2080 and Sikh Calendar Nanakshahi Samvat 554-555.

Masya Dates 2023

List of all 12 Masya Dates 2023 i.e. Bikrami Samvat 2079-2080 and Nanakshahi Samvat 554-555.

What is Masya?

Masya or Amavasya marks the day of the month when No Moon occurs. It is basically the middle of 30 lunar phases of Indian Calendars such as the Bikrami Samvat and Nanakshahi Calendar. Masya occurs at the 15th Tithi of Krishna Paksha (Vadi) like the Purnima, Punya or Pooranmashi occurs at the 15th of Shukla Paksha (Sudi). In some calendars, Masya is as as the last day of the month as they consider the new moon as the first day of the month.

There are 2 Pakshas of Indian Calendars i.e. Krishna (Vadi,ਵਦੀ) and Shukla Paksha (Sudi,ਸੁਦੀ). 15 days between Poornima and Amavas are known as Krishna Paksha and 15 Days between Amavas and Purnima are called Shukla Paksha.

Masya Calendar 2023

Month 2023 Dates CE 2023 Dates Nanakshahi 554-555
Masya January 2023 January 21st, 2023 8 Magh Nanakshahi 554
Masya February 2023 February 20th, 2023 8 Faggan Nanakshahi 554
Masya March 2023 March 21st, 2023 8 Chetar Nanakshahi 555
Masya April 2023 April 20th, 2023 7 Vaisakh Nanakshahi 555
Masya May 2023 May 19th, 2023 5 Jeth Nanakshahi 555
Masya June 2023 June 18th, 2023 4 Harh Nanakshahi 555
Masya July 2023 July 17th, 2023 2 Sawan Nanakshahi 555
Masya August 2023 August 16th, 2023 32 Sawan Nanakshahi 555
Masya September 2023 September 14-15th, 2023 29-30 Bhadron Nanakshahi 555
Masya October 2023 October 14th, 2023 28 Assu Nanakshahi 555
Masya November 2023 November 13th, 2023 28 Kattak Nanakshahi 555
Masya December 2023 December 12th, 2023 27 Maghar Nanakshahi 555

Significance of Amavasya or Masya in various Religions:

In Sikhism, Masya (or the new moon day) is not considered to be a particularly significant day. Sikhism does not follow the Hindu lunar calendar or the practice of fasting on Amavasya. Instead, the Sikhs follow their own calendar, known as the Nanakshahi calendar, which is based on the solar year and has its own set of significant days and festivals. The Sikhs primarily focus on daily prayers and the remembrance of God rather than on specific days or calendar-based rituals.

However, in Hinduism, Amavasya is considered an auspicious day for performing religious rituals, such as offering prayers to ancestors and performing charitable deeds. It is believed that performing these rituals on the new moon day can have a powerful influence on one’s destiny.

In Buddhism, Amavasya is considered to be a good day for meditation, as the absence of moonlight is believed to symbolize the absence of worldly distractions, which can make it easier to focus on spiritual pursuits.

In Jainism, Amavasya is considered to be an auspicious day for performing religious rituals and charitable deeds, as well as for fasting.

The new moon is widely regarded as a symbol of rebirth and renewal in various cultures and religions. The day of Amavasya, which marks the new moon phase, is often seen as an opportunity to embark on new projects, start fresh, and pursue new beginnings.

अमावस्या तारीख 2023 [विक्रमी हिन्दू कैलंडर]

Month 2023 Dates CE 2023 Dates विक्रमी 2079-2080
अमावस्या जनवरी 2023 जनवरी 21st, 2023 8 माघ विक्रमी 2079
अमावस्या फरवरी 2023 फरवरी 20th, 2023 8 फाल्गुन विक्रमी 2079
अमावस्या मार्च 2023 मार्च 21st, 2023 8 चैत्र विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या अप्रैल 2023 अप्रैल 20th, 2023 7 वैसाख विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या मई 2023 मई 19th, 2023 5 ज्येष्ठ विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या जून 2023 जून 18th, 2023 4 आषाढ़ विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या जुलाई 2023 जुलाई 17th, 2023 2 श्रावण विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या अगस्त 2023 अगस्त 16th, 2023 32 श्रावण विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या सितंबर 2023 सितंबर 14-15th, 2023 29-30 भाद्रपद विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या अक्टूबर 2023 अक्टूबर 14th, 2023 28 आश्विन विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या नवंबर 2023 नवंबर 13th, 2023 28 कार्तिक विक्रमी 2080
अमावस्या दिसंबर 2023 दिसंबर 12th, 2023 27 मार्गशीर्ष विक्रमी 2080

Months in Nanakshahi and Vikrami/Bikrami Samvat: 1-ਚੇਤਰ (Chetar) 2-ਵੈਸਾਖ (Vaisakh), 3-ਜੇਠ (Jeth), 4-ਹਾੜ (Haarh), 5-ਸਾਵਣ (Sawan), 6-ਭਾਦਰੋਂ (Bhadron), 7-ਅੱਸੂ (Assu), 8-ਕੱਤਕ (Kattak), 9-ਮੱਘਰ (Maghar), 10-ਪੋਹ (Poh), 11-ਮਾਘ (Magh), 12-ਫੱਗਣ (Faggan),

ਇੱਥੇ ਸਾਲ 2023 ਵਿੱਚ ਪੈਣ ਵਾਲੀਆਂ ਸਾਰੀਆਂ ਮੱਸਿਆਂ ਦਾ ਵੇਰਵਾ ਦੇਸੀ ਮਹੀਨਿਆਂ ਦੀਆਂ ਤਰੀਕਾਂ ਸਮੇਤ ਦਰਜ ਹੈ, ਜੇ ਕਿੱਥੇ ਕੋਈ ਭੁੱਲ ਚੁੱਕ ਜਾਪਦੀ ਹੈ ਤਾਂ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਕਰਕੇ ਥੱਲੇ ਕੱਮੇਂਟ ਕਰਕੇ ਸਾਨੂੰ ਜਾਣੂ ਕਰਵਾਓ ਜੀ। If you observe any mistake in the table Masya Dates 2023 please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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